2014 Hemp News

Hemp's growing pains in Indiana
August 27, 2014
Industrial hemp was legalized in Indiana when Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill into law this year, but you still can’t grow the crop in the Hoosier State. “We definitely want seed in the ground in the spring, but it will have to be limited per the Farm Bill,” said Jamie Campbell, founder and president of the Indiana Hemp Industries Association. “It just may not be as aggressive as some people would like.”
Interest in industrial hemp farming grows
Sep 12, 2014
Progress is being made to give farmers the option to grow industrial hemp in Indiana. The newly formed Purdue Industrial Hemp Research Group met recently to discuss what needs to happen next. “The group has decided to start taking the necessary st eps to grow hemp for research purposes in spring of 2015,” said Tayler Glover, vice president of the association. Although Gov. Mike Pence legalized its growth in Indiana this year, farmers can’t yet grow the hemp due to federal laws.