2017 Hemp News

Here's why some people say CBD oil is illegal in Indiana
Dec 4, 2017
Legal opinions on CBD oil have been far more divided than the medical evidence. While all agree more medical research is needed, interpreting the legality of that cannabis extract is far more controversial.
Industrial Hemp Promoted As Emerging Indiana Industry For 2018
Nov 21, 2017
“I know that the backbone of our economy is our farmers, it’s our food system and our innovation to take what we can grow and make it into incredible products,” Scott says. “Industrial hemp just beautifully supports that entire model of what our economy is based off of.”
Hungry for Hemp
Oct 14, 2017
The Indiana Hemp Industries Association hosts a quarterly meal to bring people from different sectors to the same table. Their goal is to take action and support one another while building a strong food system within the state. “We want to keep these dinners going so that farmers and people across agriculture are all in one place,” said Jamie Campbell Petty, founder of INHIA.
Indiana Farmers Union Forms Hemp, Local Foods Chapters - Indiana Ag Connection
May 22, 2017
Two new chapters have formed under the Indiana Farmers Union (INFU) to promote Indiana family farms, healthy food access, and industrial hemp production, with other chapter formations in the works. Approximately 10 Indiana Farmers Union members formed a chapter based out of Morgan County to focus on issues related to the legalization of industrial hemp production throughout Indiana.