How to Label Hemp Seed

Hemp growers, seed sellers and researchers,

It has come to my attention that hemp variety names have been changed to make a variety look like it is “new” or “different”.  Additionally, people have changed variety names so that customers cannot easily tell what it was and then buy around the seller.  These are egregious acts in violation of the Federal Seed Act and the Indiana State Seed Law!  This act can result in penalties from the USDA, Plant Variety Protection Act enforcement and loss of Indiana Seed Permit for future years.  A variety name is assigned by the owner and cannot be changed by the owner or by anyone else.  

I have copied the USDA Director of Seed and Regulatory Testing Division on this communication as this is a very serious matter that will not be tolerated in Indiana.  I have also blind copied the Director of the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies.  As a reminder, I have also attached the document we have created as an example of how to label hemp seed for sale in Indiana.  Again, this is state law. Starting in 2020, the Office of Indiana State Chemist inspection staff is directed to put a stop sale on hemp seed that is not properly labeled.

Don Robison, MBA
Seed Administrator
Office of Indiana State Chemist & Seed Commissioner
Indiana State Seed Lab