USDA Reopens Comment Period for the Interim Final Rule Establishing the U.S. Hemp Production Program

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced a second round of public comments, beginning September 8, 2020, regarding the interim final rule (IFR) establishing the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program. The industry rallied together during the first round of public comments to successfully push back on overreaching and unworkable requirements found in the IFR—many of which still exist today. The current issues with the IFR even caught the attention of Senator Braun and Congressman Baird who penned an impactful letter to USDA Secretary Perdue echoing the concerns of the industry. Thank you, Senator Braun and Congressman Baird!

It is more crucial than ever that the USDA once again hears from farmers, growers, laboratories, consumers, small businesses and other entrepreneurs building out the hemp supply chain regarding the following topics. Nine out of the twelve topics USDA is seeking public comment on are covered this infographic we put out last year. We will be updating this infographic in the near future:
  • Measurement of Uncertainty for Sampling
  • Liquid Chromatography Factor, 0.877
  • Disposal and Remediation of Non-Compliant Plants
  • Negligence
  • Interstate Commerce
  • 15-day Harvest Window
  • Hemp seedlings, microgreens, and clones
  • Hemp breeding and research
  • Sampling Methodology – Flower vs. Whole Plant
  • Sampling Methodology – Homogenous Composition, Frequency, and Volume
  • Sampling Agents
  • DEA Laboratory Registration

We encourage you to leave your comments regarding the above topics to the USDA. Comments are due by October 8, 2020. All comments should reference the document number (2020-17659) and the date (September 8, 2020) and page number (55363-55366) of this issue of the Federal Register. If you have input for Midwest Hemp Council’s official comments, please reach out to us. We will be submitting our official comments in the near future.

Share your comments with USDA.