2021 Indiana Hemp Licensing Details

Good news! The 2021 Hemp Licensing Software for Indiana is up and running! OISC has provided specific instructions for applying, so please read carefully below. Instructions for background checks and fingerprinting can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you had a license in 2020:

You are already a registered user. An email was sent to you on December 11, 2020, that allows you to renew your license for 2021. There are specific instructions that you MUST follow to get started.

It’s possible that you are now using a different email than the one you used to license in 2020. The renewal email was sent to the email you used in 2020 to license. If you do not have access to that email inbox anymore, please contact OISC right away so that they can help you. DO NOT attempt to register and apply under a different email address - it will cause issues with your existing license number. When you contact OISC, do it through email and include your license number in the subject line.

If you were not licensed in 2020:

For new users please follow the link below to register and account and start the licensing process.

Hemp Licensing Application

FBI Background Check Information:

All growers or handlers must pass an FBI background check to be licensed to grow or handle, process, transport or test hemp. This background check must be completed within 60 days of your application per USDA rules. OISC strongly encourages the electronic submittal of your fingerprints, even though that means driving to Indianapolis, Chicago, Louisville, Ann Arbor or Covington, KY, to get digital fingerprints done. The FBI is estimating five days for processing of electronic fingerprints and eight weeks on mailed paper fingerprints.

FBI Background Check Information


Post Offices Offering Digital Fingerprints

OISC is required by statute to cover their expenses for the state hemp program. Application fees and field site change fees will be charged for the 2021 season. Application fees are $750 for either handler or grower or $1500 for both. Site change fees are $50. 

Visit Indiana's Hemp Regulatory Website