Indiana Growers: Background Check Options

A federal background check MUST be submitted for all applicants and key participants identified within an organization. By law, a state background check is not sufficient. All growers or handlers must pass an FBI background check to be licensed to grow or handle, process, transport or test hemp. This background check must be completed within 60 days of your application per USDA rules. 

The Office of the Indiana State Chemist has confirmed with the USDA that IdentiGo locations are able to do the digital FBI background checks that meet the requirements for obtaining an Indiana hemp license. These locations offer FBI criminal history summary checks, and even though it says it cannot be used for licensing, the USDA is accepting summaries. There are IdentiGo sites in Michigan and Illinois with available appointments. This option should be reserved for those who need their background check processed more quickly - like indoor growers, handlers, etc.

For those of you who do not have time constraints, online FBI background check information can be found below. OISC still strongly encourages the electronic submittal of your fingerprints, even though that means driving to Indianapolis, Chicago, Louisville, Ann Arbor or Covington, KY, to get digital fingerprints done. The FBI is estimating five days for processing of electronic fingerprints and eight weeks on mailed paper fingerprints. To obtain a federal background check and learn about digital fingerprints, visit these websites:

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