Update on HB 1224: Craft Hemp Flower and Hemp Production

On Tuesday, February 9, the House Committee on Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development passed HB 1224 with a final vote of 9-4. While this is the first step in ensuring Indiana’s farmers and small business owners have access to the whole hemp plant economy, our work has just begun. We developed this flow chart to help our members follow HB 1224 through the twists and turns of the legislative process.
What does HB 1224 accomplish? It responsibly re-legalizes the projected $300M-$400M craft hemp flower market in Indiana for farmers, small business owners and other entrepreneurs. The current criminalization of federally legal craft hemp flower has done nothing to curb demand for the product. Instead, it has only shifted demand away from Indiana farmers and small businesses to out of state farmers and online retailers. Consumers simply have the product shipped directly to them through the United States Postal Office.
What happens next? HB 1224 will be added to the Second Reading Calendar next week, where any Representative can offer amendments to the bill. These amendments need a simple majority vote to be added to the bill. Once the amendments are accepted or rejected, HB 1224 will move to the Third Reading Calendar, where all 100 Representatives will vote “yes” or “no” on the underlying bill. If the bill receives a simple majority of “yes” votes, the bill will then move to the Senate Chamber to restart the process.
How can you help if you live in Indiana? YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Indiana Representatives must hear from all farmers, handlers, small businesses owners, consumers and other entrepreneurs in Indiana on this issue. They cannot hear from you enough so don’t be shy. It is imperative that you make the direct ask that Representatives support HB 1224. We also ask that you reach out to Governor Holcomb and ask that he supports the whole hemp plant economy in Indiana. Need help finding your representative? Click here to find your legislators. We also encourage you to contact Governor Holcomb and ask that he support HB1224.
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from MHC on HB 1224 as it moves through the process. We are the only trusted source for timely and accurate information on the whole hemp plant economy in Indiana.
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