Update on HB 1224 and SB 197

While its disappointing that HB 1224 was not brought back for a committee vote this week, our members did a terrific job of communicating with the members of the committee to educate them on why this bill is so important to farmers, small business owners and consumers. It’s not time to give up just yet, as there is more work to be done this legislative session.
Our attention now turns to SB 197 on the Second Reading calendar in the House, where Representative Teshka has filed two crucial amendments for the whole hemp plant economy in Indiana. Currently, SB 197 contains language that narrows the definition of a “low THC hemp extract” to require all products to contain less than .3% total THC in order to be sold in Indiana. This language is much narrower than the current definition that measures only total delta-9 THC and was added into the bill without any input from the industry. Amendment #13 removes this language from the bill in order to maintain the status quo in Indiana. Any changes to Indiana’s hemp laws ought to be done in a transparent manner with industry input.
As the saying goes, a bill isn’t dead until it's dead. Representative Teshka’s Amendment #10 revives HB 1224 (re-legalizes the craft hemp flower market), since it did not pass out of Senate Committee on Commerce and Technology. If the amendment is adopted by the House, HB 1224 still has a chance at becoming law this session, but not without your active support of the bill.
We urge you to reach out to your Representative today and over the weekend to ask that they support Representative Teshka’s Amendment #10 and Amendment #13 to SB 197. The more Indiana lawmakers learn about the positive economic impact the whole hemp plant economy has on farmers, small business owners and consumers, the more willing they are to protect it from government overreach.
Need help finding your legislators or their contact information? Visit the IGA website and enter your address.
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