Indiana House of Representatives Passes SB 20

The Indiana House of Representatives passed SB 20 today with a final vote of 79-19. SB 20 re-legalizes the retail sale of craft hemp flower that meets certain quality control standards and restricts the sale of craft hemp flower to those 21 years and older. SB 20 also restricts the sale of popular low-THC hemp extract products like Delta 8 THC to those 21 years and older. Finally, the bill makes it clear that craft hemp flower and low-THC hemp extracts are not considered adulterants for purposes of Indiana’s food safety. These provisions are designed to increase consumer confidence and consumer protections in hemp products, while ensuring Hoosier farmers and small businesses have access to the entire hemp market like many other states around the country.

So, is SB 20 officially law of the land? No, SB 20 will head back to the Senate where we anticipate the author to dissent on the changes to the underlying bill. This means the hemp language will likely be removed from the bill and we will need to find a new home for it before session ends. We will continue to negotiate to find a clear path for these common sense provisions becoming law this session. Session must conclude by Saturday, April 29.

What can you do in the meantime? Reach out to your Senator and ask that they support quality control standards and age restrictions on popular hemp products this session. Farmers, small businesses and consumers cannot afford another year of inaction. If you need help identifying your Senator, please click here.


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